Bus Safety

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Safety of School Buses

In Ontario 800,000 children who are in our care daily are the first priorities of student transportation. According to Transport Canada, the yellow and black school bus is the safest mode of transportation for school children - in terms of construction, driver standards, training, and passenger safety.

The Vehicles

Transport Canada research shows, on a per passenger, per kilometre basis, the occupants of school buses are less likely to be injured in road collisions than the occupants of any other vehicles.

School buses must meet stringent standards for structural integrity, crash protection, fire retardancy, and emergency equipment.

The Drivers

School bus drivers receive hours of specialized training, including written exams and road tests. They must complete certified driver improvement courses, and take periodic re-examinations. Driving records and criminal records are screened, and regular medical exams are required.

The Routes

While traveling by school bus, children are supervised by the driver, who knows them well. Seats are provided for all passengers.

School bus routes are planned around the location of children's homes and schools. Drivers are responsible for making sure each student is picked up and dropped off only at designated locations.

Bus evacuations occur in Southwestern Ontario throughout the school year.

Students are taught how to safely evacuate a bus.

Every driver of our bus perfoms a "circle" check to ensure the safety of everyone on the bus.

Our buses are outfitted with special lights to make sure that in every kind of weather our buses are highly visible.